Designed in Amsterdam, inspired by Japan

ANO Studio is a small design studio and online shop based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

A true one woman show run by Hannah Kay, the designer and maker behind ANO. Probably best described as a self-confessed Japan nerd, coffee lover and avid reader living in a constant Japan-induced state of wanderlust.


ANO Studio makes bold prints, lasercut abstract jewellery, paper goods and small accessories. ANO has a Japanese aesthetic running throughout the brand. Stemming from a long fascination with this wonderful country it's a boundless source of inspiration.

And truthfully who doesn't get excited by a steaming bowl of Ramen? 


When designing we try to keep as much as a sustainable practice as possible. For instance using soy inks where possible and using 100% recycled acrylics as much as we can. There still is a long way to go but we try to incorporate this as much as we can.


So ANO, does it actually mean something?

Ano is a Japanese pronoun meaning ‘that over there’, in this case the Studio! On top of that, ano あの can also be used a space filler in conversations, like you’re saying "umm..." and it's a great way to fill up conversations when you are a bit shy and hesitant.


So when you want to get yourself heard, why not let ANO Studio do the talking for you!

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Apart from the webshop The Maker Store sells the biggest selection of ANO products: prints, T-shirts, accessoires, paper goods



The place to shop riso prints and earrings. Sweet shop which sells clothes, art prints and accessoires by independent designers



Stocks ANO Studio earrings as well as a nice selection of locally made design, fashion and homewares


Den Bosch

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