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  designed in Amsterdam, inspired by Japan  


Besides ANO Studio I design lasercut earrings and accessoires as mimimono 耳物 if you'd like to take a look you can find them here. Thanks for checking them out!


Hi, I'm Hannah the maker behind ANO Studio. I run a design studio and online shop based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands specialising in art prints and illustration.

A Japanese aesthetic runs throughout the things I make. So yes, I'm kinda in love with Japan and it keeps on being a boundless source of inspiration for my work. Combine this with my love for geometry and fine linework and you get what ANO Studio is all about.


Sustainability is important to me, so I strive to do as much as possible. For instance using soy inks where possible and printing on recycled FSC certified paper. Everything is produced and printed locally in The Netherlands. You know what even my bubble wrap is recycled, pretty cool right!


So ANO, does it actually mean something?

In Japanese ano あの can be used as a space filler in conversations, like you’re saying "umm..". It's a great way to fill up conversation when you are a bit shy or hesitant like I sometimes am!

Hoshigaki 8S.jpg

  some of my lovely resellers  



Located in De Hallen in West this store focusses on young designers. They stock the widest selection of ANO products: Riso's, digital prints, postcards...



Located in de Utrechtse Voorstraat they specialize in clothes, art prints and accessoires by independent designers. Shop ANO Studio riso's and mini prints here.

Find more retailers here

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